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Looking Back at 2016 and Towards the Horizon for 2017

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At Brain Vessel our mission is to create a sensory experience for the passionate explorer. We believe in empowering our local and national artists and providing a design concierge for companies seeking to sail beyond the ordinary. Our culture will inspire you to come aboard and prosper with us.

Thank You

On behalf of the crew at Brain Vessel, we would like to thank you, our friends, family, community, supporters and all of the above for making this dream possible. Since the opening of the gallery in 2015, we’ve met a lot of great people, showcased outstanding creatives and doubled in size, all while branding clients, growing the online store, hosting events and engaging the community. This message is a reminder that we are where we are today because of you! With new opportunities, clients, artists, products and events, we couldn't be more excited to see what 2017 has in store.


We kicked off 2016 with “Catch and Release”, the Fish and Lure Paintings of Mary Anne Lard and Thom Glace. This event consisted of a live watercolor demonstration by Thom and a beautiful display of these artists’ watercolor and oil paintings.


We finished Brain Vessel’s newest addition to acomodate more artists, creativity and workspace. With weeks of hard work and dedication, the second half of the Brain Vessel Gallery was completed.

Brain Vessel has had the privilege to work with artist Casey Hall. Casey’s detailed paintings and drawings of engines and other car parts have transitioned from the JDRF Silent Auction at Sun Motors, to the “Anatomy of the Engine” at the Brain Vessel Gallery to the Harrisburg Capitol Rotunda. Casey’s work has inspired many, from artists to car connoisseurs, the endless support for her work has inspired a motorcycle deck of playing cards for 2017.

We've been proud to promote and display the beautiful art of talented watercolor artist, Debra Tritt-Kreiger. After winning Brain Vessel’s first juried event in the Fall of 2015, Deb’s June event “Colors of Nature” was the perfect segway into summer. We’ve had the pleasure of displaying dozens of originals, prints, postcards and tree ornaments, not to mention hosting several live demonstrations. It’s never too late to stop in the gallery and experience Deb’s wonderful watercolors!

An Igneous Rock Garden was installed by the Igneous Rock team, featuring the unique igneous rock fountains. When the weather permits, we integrate this unique space with Brain Vessel events, providing an excellent space to listen to the subtle tones of the handpan played by Matt Kurtyka. This coming Spring, we will use this space to display sculptures from various artists in the main gallery.

More studio space for local artists is projected to be available as early as Spring 2017. Our first studio artist, Richelle Leigh, has been using our studio space to create beautiful jewelry. We will be encouraging other local artisans to imbibe in this creative atmosphere, and stay tuned for details!


In July 2016, Brain Vessel hosted the Private Pirate Potluck Picnic, it’s one-year anniversary party. With featured live music from Case 150, catered food from Shakedown Barbeque, beverages from Larsen Headworks, a treasure hunt, fire spinning and dozens of creations from our talented local artists. We had a phenomenal time, and promise that we will be doing the same in 2017.

Dozens of local, in-house artists who have contributed to the environment of Brain Vessel. We’ve doubled our online and in-store inventory, bringing in new, unique art, jewelry, sculptures and more. Here’s a shout out to all of the talented creatives and business who make Brain Vessel what it is today.


  • Debra Tritt Kreiger
  • Jason Kreiger
  • Phillip Singer
  • Michele Taber
  • Casey Hall
  • Adam Scott Rote
  • Richelle Leigh Walk
  • Ryan Maclay
  • Jason Lyons
  • Vivian Johnson
  • Dan Masshardt
  • Shawn Feeney
  • Matthew Kurtyka
  • Laughing Coyote
  • Thom Bissey
  • Merzatta
  • Trezana
  • Martha Rotten
  • Moss Creek Art
  • Don Shelton
  • Casey Hall
  • Thom Glace
  • Kirk Miller
  • Michael Peluso
  • Paula Lewis
  • Karen Brassel
  • Reagan Hayhurst
  • Clocks and Colours
  • Fire and Bone
  • Martha Rotten
  • Robert Wertz
  • Fire and Bone
  • WoodWick
  • YOXO
  • Popped Culture
  • Jellyfish Art
  • Jonathan’s Spoon
  • John Savage
  • Brian Weaver
  • Neil Choquette


  • Artistry (Located behind the gallery)
  • Popped Culture
  • Dissolve Float Spa
  • "Don’t Be A But", PA IFPA Campaign (aimed to educate our youth on the consequences of insurance fraud)
  • McGrath’s Irish Pub

Michele Taber’s “Somewhere: A Path to Abstraction”, was the featured art in August. Beautiful landscapes from oil and cold wax set the perfect mood in the gallery, especially transitioning us into the Fall. Some of her work is still displayed in the lower gallery.


Talented vegetable carver Shawn Feeney set us in gear for the fall, teaching his second intensive, 3d pumpkin carving workshop at the Brain Vessel Gallery. His work has been displayed on the Food Network, the White House and other well-known locations, and in 2017 will be displayed at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in New York.

Brain Vessel co-founder Jason Kreiger showcased his mixed media art in October. “Bones” was the perfect show to set us in motion for Halloween, as he expressed his passion for the mysticism of living things through intricate digital and ink work. His art remains on display in the Brain Vessel gallery, as well as his first design for his recently launched t-shirt brand.

Brain Vessel was nominated and finalist of Central Penn Business Journal's Emerging Business of the Year. 

In November, we had a successful evening during “Indulge the Senses”, Blue Mountain Living and Conte Wealth Advisors’ sponsored event. With catered food, butlered hors d'oeuvre, live music, art and more, we all had a fantastic night to remember. With the cultivation of the gallery space, we will be hosting more sponsored events for local businesses in 2017. If you own a business and need a great space to cross promote and/or network, give Cheri a call at 717-350-3020 or email at cheri@brainvessel.com.

Juried Exhibition “Mini-Madness” featured dozens of art from local creatives. From painting to pottery, local artists were given the opportunity to submit their own works for a chance to win their own featured show. We’re excited to congratulate Rebecca Lesny on winning this year’s event!

Brain Vessel was proud to participate in Small Business Saturday and support the local artists, businesses and community. With our artisan incentives in play, it was a privilege to serve the community through art and experience the support for local businesses.

Nationally recognized artist Phillip Singer showcased his oil painting originals and prints in December. Phill unveiled his newest piece during his event "The Pursuit of Knowledge", personally signing each print sold. We had a lot of fun seeing people’s reactions examining the minute detail in his paintings. His work will be on display until mid-February 2017. Brain Vessel is in the process of representing Phill’s work on our online store and potential licensing opportunities.

Brain Vessel will be working exclusively with Popped Culture in branding and naming their very own unique popcorn flavor. Stay tuned!

14 Days of Artisan Incentives was our end of the year, two week special, allowing gallery artists to give back to the Brain Vessel community. Unveiling a new incentive each day, we've had a sensational time preparing for the 2016 holiday season. Our 14 Days of Artisan Incentives was concluded with a Christmas Eve Eve Whiskey Night, inviting the community into the gallery for last minute gift shopping.

What to Expect in 2017

You can look forward to an intensive workshop schedule, as well as planned art nights and networking events.

We will be facilitating the expansion of studio space in early Spring of 2017, located in the building adjacent to the lower gallery.

Stay tuned for Brain Vessel branded tea & spice shop coming in the second quarter of 2017.

If you are an artist or company looking to grow/collaborate, please schedule an appointment at calendly.com/brainvessel.



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